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pH Monitoring White Paper

Check our latest white paper on pH monitoring in embryo cell culturing which presents data from multiple labs in both benchtop and large format incubators


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A Trusted Indicator

pH is the most reliable indication of acidity levels in fluids or biologics. pH tracking over time can disclose the quality, stability and safety of the biologic being measured. Measurement must be done continuously to ensure the efficacy of the biologic over its life span. Whether measuring media in conjunction with in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures, platelets used in critical transfusions or stem cell manufacturing for personalized cancer treatments, pH is the trusted indicator.

For Peace of Mind

For IVF, the goal is to reduce the number of “cycles” that a couple experiences to achieve a single, live birth. pH allows embryologists to monitor inside a closed incubator without disturbing the embryo. For critically burned patients, patients with depressed immune systems or severely wounded individuals, platelets are the “engine of life.” Bacterially contaminated platelets can cause sepsis or blood poisoning. pH monitoring can reveal undesirable events during platelet storage and distribution. For stem cell manufacturing, pH is the reliable indicator for proper replication of T-Cell and stem cell cultures. SAFE Sens (Sterile, Automated Fluoroscopic Evaluation) offers an easy-to-use and affordable way to gain peace of mind and achieve more successful outcomes in all applications.

With SAFE Sens

SAFE Sens provides non-invasive, calibration free,continuous pH monitoring.

The SAFE Sens product line utilizes a patented LED-based optical fluorescent measurement device. SAFE Sens is a complete system that employs disposable sensors and a unique QC alignment tool that assures consistent accuracy. The sensor contains a proprietary fluorescent dye that is pH sensitive and is capable of accurately and reliably measuring the pH of small volumes of fluids.

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Recent News

New SAFE Sens TrakStation Pricing and Software Bundle

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SEATTLE, WA – 27 JUNE 2017 – Blood Cell Storage, Inc. (BCSI), a world leader in pH sensing technologies, today announced significantly reduced pricing along with a new standalone software bundle for the SAFE Sens TrakStation® and TrakPod® non-invasive and continuous pH monitoring technology for IVF Incubators. “BCSI continues to improve the value delivered to the IVF community. This price reduction makes it even…

New TrakStation Tablet Now Available

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SEATTLE, WA – 15 JUNE 2017 – Blood Cell Storage Inc. (BCSI) announced today the immediate availability of our new, cost-effective tablet computer for BCSI’s TrakStation® and TrakPod® technology for benchtop and large format incubators. BCSI is a world leader in pH monitoring of live cells. The new tablet, from ASUSTEK Computer, Inc. (ASUS) is part of the Transformer series…

New, More Powerful TrakStation Software Available

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SEATTLE, WA – 1 June 2017 – Blood Cell Storage, Inc. (BCSI), a world leader in pH sensing technologies, today announced the availability of the latest generation of software for BCSI’s SAFE Sens TrakStation® and TrakPod® technology. This new release, Version 1.0.7, provides many user requested features and enhancements, including: Drag & Drop:allows intuitive arrangement of TrakPod’s on the Home…

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