BCSI’s operating team consists of experienced executives, scientifically diverse biologists, chemists, systems engineers, microbiologists and life scientists. The team is goal oriented, and customer focused.

The culture of BCSI is one of respect and collaboration, and as managers and researchers, our team is not only dedicated to the advancement of medical devices but also to the overall success of every employee.

Following are the members of the BCSI operating team:

Steve Geelhood
Manager, Products and Markets

Mr. Geelhood joined Blood Cell Storage, Inc. (BCSI) in 2004. He has over ten (10) years of experience in the medical device industry, leading the engineering development of the pH SAFE Reader (formerly pH1000). He is one of the key inventors of the patented technology used in the SAFE products. He brings a balanced background of chemistry know how, process improvement and project management to the team.

Mr. Geelhood has a Masters of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Washington where he worked with biomaterials and the interactions of proteins and cells on surfaces. Mr. Geelhood hails from San Diego, CA and now lives with his wife in Seattle, WA.

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Elaine Neyens
Manager, Sales Operations

Ms. Neyens joined Blood Cell Storage, Inc. (BCSI) in early 2012 and manages the interface between the Company and our customers. With more than fifteen (15) years of diverse experience involving customer service, instruction, and client & staff support roles in the outdoor industry and hospitality and services sector, she enjoys being hands-on with both products and customers and provides a high level of personalized customer support to clients around the world. She is also instrumental in assisting our investors, the BCSI Board of Directors and Company general counsel.

Elaine has a BS in Animal Ecology, with an emphasis on Interpretation of Natural Resources; the preparation for environmental education, leading & teaching students. Hailing from the Midwest, Elaine and her husband now live in Seattle.

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Rhyse Jaeschke
Systems Engineering

Mr. Jaeschke joined Blood Cell Storage, Inc. (BCSI) in 2015. He has seven (7) years of cross-functional experience in mechanical, electrical, software and systems engineering.

In his position at Fenwal, Inc. (now part of Fresenius Kabi USA) prior to joining the BCSI team, he quickly attained the role of lead engineer simultaneously for several teams of systems engineers tasked with executing the verification and validation of several automated apheresis devices and products, successfully reaching FDA submission and clearance. His experience in medical device R&D and technical teamwork provides for a balanced perspective on product development.

Rhyse holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. He hails from Chicago, IL.

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Evan Rhead
Mechanical & Industrial Design

Mr. Rhead joined Blood Cell Storage, Inc. (BCSI) in late 2013 and is responsible for the mechanical design of optical components and other packaging related items for BCSI lab instruments.

Mr. Rhead received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Portland State University, where he designed sensor systems for monitoring usage and performance of international development projects. His product development experience includes concept generation, mechanical design/analysis, prototyping, and testing. He lives with his wife in Seattle, Washington.

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