BCSI‘s solutions are built on two core technology platforms: SAFE solutions (non-invasive fluoroscopic evaluation) and SNAP (micro-fluidic genetic materials) solutions.

Both solutions have one clear goal: To create value for all stakeholders (patients, clinicians, collaborators and shareholders) by leveraging our fluorescent dye, micro-fluidics, and Nucleic Acid Extraction capabilities and Intellectual Property to reduce healthcare costs AND improve patient outcomes.

SAFE Solutions

The SAFE (Sterile, Automated Fluoroscopic Evaluation) Family of products are based upon patented, optical fluorescent technology. The measurement devices are used pH SAFE System in combination with a disposable sensor, to accurately and reliably measure the pH of fluids such as platelets, the media used in IVF and other culture media.

SNAP Solutions

The Simple Nucleic Acid Processing (SNAP) family of products is built around our proprietary flat glass extraction technology. Capable of quickly, easily, and reliably isolating nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) from blood and a variety of other biological specimens, SNAP can help improve extraction in your lab.

SNAP System for Genomic Research