BabyWhat are the Options for pH Measurement?

Fluorescence based pH readers such as SAFE Sens have been adapted for use specifically for the IVF industry. These implementations include an optical reader and a disposable combined specimen container / sensor with a fluorescent species.  pH measurement equipment that can be used for IVF culture media fall into four types: blood gas analyzers, electrode pH meters, dipsticks and, more recently: optical pH fluorometers.

SAFE Sens is an Optical pH Fluorometer

The Advantages of Optical pH Fluorometers

Checking media pH using traditional pH meters is often too difficult and takes too much time to check in regular intervals. Because pH is one of the most critical factors that influences the performance of media for embryonic development and viability, it’s key to have a method that will ensure more successful outcomes.

Optical pH Fluorometers such as SAFE Sens are able to continuously monitor media pH in a reference dish placed in the incubator. The special type of pH sensor allows pH values to be taken without disturbing the media using a non-contact technology. An easy to use software displays and stores pH values in real time.

SAFE Sens has a cylindrical sensor probe in which one end of the sensor has a cup for the medium sample. The cup is filled with a small volume of medium and oil overlay. The sensor is clipped onto a fiber optic probe mounted inside the incubator.

The fluorescent signal is read continually at a set frequency and converted to pH. The pH readings are displayed on the reader and automatically output to a computer where they are graphed and saved in real time.

This unit is readily suitable for use with cabinet style incubators and benchtop incubators that have the integrated SAFE Sens TrakPod.