There have been several scientific publications in the form of papers, oral presentations and post presentations at various meetings about the SAFE Sens products.  Where available copies of these are included here.  Also check out the webinar page for information about pH monitoring and other IVF best practices.

  • Practicality and Potential Benefits of Continuous pH Monitoring: Surveying your IVF System.S Zozula, M Schiewe. AAB 2016 Poster. PDF of Ovation Fertility AAB 2016
  • Analysis of Embryo Culture Media pH Changes During Incubator Use and Media Evaporation Under Oil Using a Continuous pH Monitoring System.S Olds, K Stemm, K Wachter, K Wiemer. ASRM 2015 Poster. PDF of POMA-ASRM-2015
  • Real-Time Assesment of pH Stability within an IVF Isolette Chamber.” JE Swain, MT Kan, SE Moayeri, WB Schoolcraft. PCRS 2015 Poster. PDF of Fertility Lab Sciences CCRM PCRS 2015
  • Real Time pH Measurement of in vitro fertilization Media Allows More Efficient and Accurate Monitoring of Media and Incubator Performance.” P Jarmuz, B Barrett, D Sakkas. ASRM 2013 Poster. PDF of Boston IVF ASRM 2013
  • Media pH Measurement in IVF.D Mortimer, S Geelhood. ESHRE 2013 White Paper. PDF of Oozoa ESHRE 2013