Nurse assisting with egg retrieval procedureNow you can Achieve Optimal Culture Conditions for High Value Cells Within a Closed Incubator

The underlying technology used in SAFE Sens has been used successfully in the blood storage market since 2006. The SAFE Sens IVM is a direct derivative of our pH SAFE Reader used with tens of thousands of platelet storage bags.  The SAFE Sens TrakStation and TrakPod utilize the same technology

Easy-to-Use and Reliable pH Monitoring

sv2 closeupThe SAFE Sens has a disposable sensor probe cup. The cup has a fluorescent membrane on the bottom.  The cup is filled with a small volume of medium and oil overlay. The sensor is placed onto a fiber optic probe mounted inside the incubator.

Report, Trend and Archive pH Measurements on an As Needed Basis

The fluorescent signal is read continually at a set frequency and converted to pH. The pH readings are displayed on the reader and automatically output to a computer where they are graphed and saved in real time. SAFE Sens works with cabinet style incubators and benchtop configurations.

pH Spot Checking that Requires Disturbing the Fluid, CO2 Monitoring, or no Monitoring at all are no Longer Viable Options

SAFE Sens offers peace of mind and gives embryologists a better way to ensure more successful outcomes. Now there is no longer a reason to disturb the fluid to measure pH. SAFE Sens gives you a reliable and easy to use way to monitoring pH in a closed incubator.

Sensor Performance

Each lot of sterile, single use (7 day long) sensors is certified by the Manufacturer. A “pH ID” code is assigned to each lot. This code is used to tell the SAFE Sens how to interpret the fluorescent measurement specific for each lot of Sensors into a pH value.

SAFE Sens qc2 alignment tool

SAFE Sens qc2 alignment tool

System Alignment Tool

SAFE Sens has a System Alignment Tool, (QC Standard).  A black aluminum tube provides a known and stable fluorescent signal. To perform an alignment test, the user places the System Alignment Tool onto the fiber probe and selects the QC function on the reader. The SAFE Sens  measures the fluorescence and compares it to the known value and reports a number indicating the closeness of the measured and known values. A value of 1000 indicates perfect closeness of the two values. A value of 980 or 1020 has 2% variation, which is the general tolerance for the System Alignment Tool.

When the value is outside of the acceptable bounds the SAFE Sens will alert the user and automatically make an adjustment to bring the Reader back into control. After one year, the System Alignment Tool is replaced and a new known value is programmed into the SAFE Sens. System Alignment Tools come with a serial number that the SAFE Sens cues a user to use during the test.