Optical Sensing Technology

BCSI has developed a novel and proprietary method for non-invasively monitoring the pH of platelets inside storage bags. BCSI’s optical sensing technology is incorporated directly into storage bags, so measurements can be taken multiple times and no sampling is required.

The company’s pH SAFE System consists of a storage bag with the incorporated optical sensor and fluorometer that measures light emissions.The pH SAFE SENSOR has very unique properties. As you shine a light on the sensor, it emits a glow. This glow changes in color and intensity as the biochemicals inside the bag change composition over time


pH Sensor Technology

As depicted to the left, the pH SAFE READER, measures the fluorescent light intensity of the sensor membrane by shining an excitation light through a clear window of the pH SAFE SENSOR built into the storage bag. The pH sensitive membrane glows a specific color and the pH SAFE READER measures two emission wavelengths and takes a ratio of the two light intensities. This ratio of the two measurements gives the pH readings from inside the bag. The reading is not affected by different colors of plasma, including those containing excessive fat, or with high red blood cell counts, or contraceptives.

Because the optical sensing technology allows non-invasive monitoring of the health of platelets, it allows for multiple readings and monitoring while maintaining the sterility of the bag.

Graph of accuracy tracked over days

BCSI pH SAFE READER tracks accurately over days as demonstrated in graph above.

Four sterile BCSI platelet storage bags with pH detecting inserts were equipped with septum adapters to allow daily (invasive) analysis with a Bayer Rapidlab blood gas analyzer. BCSI’s non-invasive pH readings were consistent with the blood gas readings. BSCI is currently introducing our pH SAFE System.

Scientific Publications

There are a number of scientific journal articles about the pH SAFE system (also known as the pH1000). These include:

Additional poster abstracts from various technical meetings have been presented on the pH SAFE system. Please email a request for the list of posters or specific poster reprints.

Products are not yet available in North America.