Why is your pH monitor better than other products in the market?

SAFE Sens provides a calibration free, user-friendly, automated, continual, non-invasive pH monitoring system versus invasive, labor intensive point-in-time measurements.

SAFE Sens is a complete system that uses replaceable sensors, provides easy to use instructions and lasts the whole cycle during the IVF process.  Further, SAFE Sens uses a unique QC standard that allows embryologists to maintain measurement accuracy from cycle to cycle.

Who says so?

Please see our Testimonials page. Noted clinics such as Fertility with Grace in Vancouver, Canada, Seattle Reproductive Medicine, Boston IVF, and Princeton IVF, along with market leading incubator manufactures including Labotect, Planer and ASTEC.

How many are out there?

The SAFE Sens IVM product completed its early adopter testing program in June 2013 and production shipments began in September 2013.  There are over 100 SAFE Sens IVM systems in the global marketplace.  The TrakStation systems began shipping in March 2016 with expectations to have over 500 systems in customer hands this year.

Where are your users?

Our early adopters include some of the world’s most influential and respected leaders in the IVF industry.  Please see our Testimonials page.

Who sells this?

The products are available globally through a variety of distributors.  Please check out the distributor page for a local distributor or email us and we will put you in contact with a local distribution channel.


How will you support the products?

Our dealers will take the first call; our call center will take second.

Can SAFE Sens be installed in my benchtop incubators?

SAFE Sens is currently working with multiple benchtop incubator manufactures who will be installing SAFE Sens into their future generation incubators and in many cases offering retrofits to existing incubators.

Does the SAFE Sens system require skilled labor to set up and use?

No, it is intended for laboratory staff to setup and use the system.

How long does it take to train my staff?

Under thirty (30) minutes.  Have your staff watch the product videos here and they should be ready to go.

Can an embryologist or clinical assistant use it?

Our users include embryologists, andrologists and clinical technicians.

Do you have data?

Yes, please ask a representative for white papers and test results.  We also have a webinar series with people using the technology.  Let a representative know if you would like to sign up for email invitations about this.