About the TrakStation

The SAFE Sens is a great pH monitoring system for our IVF lab that is easy to use and gives all involved a peace of mind and comfort for our clinic’s culture system.  In conjunction with the ESCO Miri incubators we have never been happier with our culture system and embryo development has never been better.”

Leonard LaPetina, Lab Supervisor/Senior Embryologist, IVF Phoenix & the office of Dr. John L. Couvaras, MD FACOG

I think the SAFE Sens is great pH monitoring system for the IVF lab. I tested this in our current incubators for 4 weeks before ordering it for my ESCO Miri incubators. This is not great for pH meter but is great for pH monitoring. The initial pH reading was different about 0.2 to 0.3 to conventional pH meter. After initial alignment; however, pH reading of SAFE Sens was perfectly matched with CO2 reading and conventional pH meter (day1, day 3, and day5). It is also easy and convenient to use.”

Sung Tae Kim, Carolina Conceptions

The SAFE Sens system made it clear what the media pH is and how it changes in our IVF Lab.  It is easy to set up and very user friendly.  I am extremely satisfied with the performance.”

Dr Abdul Munaf Sultan Ahamed, Director of IVF Lab / Scientific Director, Anova Fertility & Reproductive Health

After monitoring pH continuously with the TrakStation surrogate system for culture media, we decided that other kinds of spot monitoring and “virtual” calculation based systems just were not good enough.”

John Moschella, Lab Director, Northwell Health, formerly North Shore-LIJ Health System

pH control in the laboratory

In response to Danae’s inquiry [on embryomail] regarding pH meters. I have been using the Safe Sens meter for over 2 years now and have been very happy with how it has performed. It’s very user friendly and provides a continuous reading of the media pH inside your incubator.”

Richard Cochran, Ph.D., HCLD, Scientific Director, Fertility Answers, Baton Rouge http://www.fertilityanswers.com/baton-rouge-fertility-center/

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The BCSI SAFE Sens pH monitoring system provides a state of the art pH monitoring system for the IVF laboratory. The simple and user-friendly touch screen experience allows users to easily log pH data of their IVF culture media from inside of the laboratory incubators.

“Traditional bench-top pH meters tend to get clogged with protein from the IVF culture media and pH measurements must be taken outside of the incubator. By exposing the IVF culture media to atmospheric conditions outside of the incubator to take a pH reading, the results could be confounded, and the pH value may not be exactly what it is inside of the incubator. The SAFE Sens system allows users to get accurate pH readings from inside of the incubator. This method of pH reading is less prone to confounding variables, and in my opinion, represents the next step in the evolution of pH monitoring in the IVF laboratory. Finally, the SAFE Sens monitoring system is designed to take pH readings inside of the incubator every minute or every 30 minutes over the span of a test (which can last up to 7 days). This important feature allows users to monitor pH change in the IVF culture media over time. Analysis of this type of time-lapse pH data could provide further valuable insight on the nature of pH changes over time in IVF culture media in the IVF laboratory.”

Mike Britt, Embryologist, Seattle Reproductive Medicine, seattlefertility.com

The best pH meter ever

Measuring the pH for IVF media and which type of pH measuring device (micro pH electrode or blood gas analyzer) to purchase is always a big challenge for embryology labs.

We recently added an online pH measuring device- SAFE Sens- to our incubators which measures pH continuously for 7 days without the hassle of calibration buffers and cost effective (one within the budget for even small labs). We are happy with its performance.”

Alex Varghese, Scientific & Laboratory Director, ASTRA Fertility Groupwww.astrafertility.com

poma-logoWe were very excited about the quality control capabilities that SAFE Sens provides us.  In the big picture, everyone measures pH all the time but this does not tell me if there are any changes occurring within my culture system during my culture periods. For example, are my incubator conditions the same in Dallas as they are in Seattle?  It depends on the specific environment, usage and how often you are in and out of the incubator. SAFE Sens lets you know that. By providing continuous monitoring,  we are able to tell if our pH values are changing. Also monitoring pH values on a continuous basis indirectly tells me if my culture dishes were prepared correctly. Do I have enough oil covering my dishes so media does not evaporate, for example.
Via SAFE Sens we were able to identify things we were not doing exactly correct and confirm what we were doing correct.  Prior to SAFE Sens we had no means to do that.  Specifically, SAFE Sens enabled us at POMA to enhance our clinical practices including how to manage our dish preparations in terms of timing to reach optimal pH.  We were making dishes late in the day and discovered that the pH was not optimal the next morning. We adjusted accordingly and now prepare the dishes early in the morning.”

Klaus Wiemer, Lab Director, POMA Fertility, www.pomafertility.com

pH is a reliable indicator of the environment surrounding the media in which embryo culturing is done.  Continuous monitoring, without removing the media from the incubator, ensures stability during the cycle.”

Brian Leonard, Senior Embryologist, Princeton IVF, www.princetonivf.com

About the SAFE Sens IVM

The SAFE Sens pH measurement system is a revolutionary approach to monitoring pH in IVF laboratory environments.  The SAFE Sens system provides laboratory scientists with an opportunity to take measurements of pH of IVF culture media inside the incubator without the media pH being affected by atmospheric gas levels which will always confound pH readings taken from outside of the incubator.”

Michael Britt, Embryologist, Seattle Reproductive Medicine, seattlefertility.com

Why pH is important

Human embryos lack the ability to regulate pH until they become a blastocyst making pH monitoring of paramount importance.”

Klaus Wiemer, POMA Fertility, www.pomafertility.com

We wanted to evaluate the functioning of IVF workstations through  assessment of  media pH stability.  We used the SAFE Sens continuous monitoring system to evaluate media pH over time during routine procedures.”

Jason Swain, www.researchgate.net/profile/Jason_Swain/publications